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About Us

Who are we?

Brady Planning was founded to see those around us flourish. That fact is central to who we are. All to often, we have conversations with clients who have had bad experiences with financial advisors.  

This is your life, your goals, and your finances. Whether you're navigating student loans, passing on an estate, or anything in-between we provide objective guidance tailored to your unique circumstances.

The Story


If you've noticed the mountain motif's (which are hard to miss), here's the story. Beyond the metaphor you can use for your finances; climbing to the peak, forging a trail, etc. Brady Planning's founder, Conner, (that's me!) is an avid mountain biker. I enjoy spending time biking, hiking, and generally being in nature. 

Besides biking, I enjoy working on and driving cars, playing the drums, volunteering with local marching bands, and spending time with my Wife and Son. 

After spending time in banking, I decided I wanted to help people be more confident in their finances, instead of trying to sell them credit cards. I made the move to being a financial advisor in a branch that was, unfortunately, very focused on selling instead of listening. The conversations we had were about fitting people into financial products, not how to best help our clients.

It was in a meeting with a client who was looking for estate solutions that I realized it was time for a change; the other advisor was more focused on selling insurance than listening to what the client was saying. I walked out of that meeting knowing that a change had to happen, and so began the journey to Brady Planning.  

My focus on Physicians comes from just being around so many of them! Friends in residency, family as established physicians, family friends in medicine; I could throw a stone and hit someone who works in the field. 

That's why Brady Planning is centered around you. We wouldn't exist without our clients. So it's only right that we focus our efforts into giving you the best that we can give. 

Check out the background of firms and investment professionals on FINRA's BrokerCheck.

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