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Financial Planning

So why planning? We plan so you can have clarity; letting you be a happier, healthier, and more financially confidant person. Planning out your finances can mean different things. Some people think about budgeting practices, many think about investments, others may think of debt reduction.  There are many facets of financial planning, let us help with them all. 

We use different tiers of service for clients that need different things: 

Platinum Tier

Includes Silver and Gold Tier PLUS

  • Concierge level of care

  • Priority Professional Access

  • Customized Financial Concierge Services

  • Family Office Services 

  • Full access to our suite of financial planning tools

  • Assisted implementation of Estate Plan

  • And More!

Gold Tier

Includes Silver Tier PLUS

  • Elevated level of care

  • Even more access to our financial planning tools

  • Assisted implementation of Insurance strategies 

  • Analysis and Management of Cash Flow

  • Debt Management

  • Medicare Planning

  • Planning for Charitable Giving

Silver Tier

You get:

  • Annual written financial plan and access to our financial planning tools

  • Investment Management and Analysis (all plan fees are credited toward management fee)

  • Financial Goal Setting

  • Tax Strategies

  • Education Funding

  • Insurance Analysis

  • Estate planning

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Social Security Planning

  • Debt Planning

We also have "sub-tiers" for clients in different stages of life

Asset Managment

Included In All Above Tiers

  • Align portfolios with your; 

    • Financial goals​

    • Risk tolerance

    • Time horizon

    • Investment type

Starts at 1% of Assets Under Management (AUM) with discounts for higher amounts.


Includes Silver Tier at a Heavily Discounted Rate

​To help Residents and Fellows get started on the right foot in one of the most stressful times of their lives. 




$600 per year or $50 per month paid through credit, ACH, or managed assets


If you are the DIY type but still want professional eyes on your finances, choose a one-time-plan. You will get; ​

  • A Written Financial Plan 

  • Action Plan to make your situation more robust

  • Implementation guide to fill any holes

Billed at $350 per hour the average plan takes 8-12 hours to complete

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